Interview – ToxicxEternity (English Version)

ToxicEternity is a YouTube Channel when it’s possible to listen music of video games, on remix version. We have meet Jack, the creator of this channel for an interview…

Hi Jack, thanks to you for being her for an interview.

You are famous on Youtube to propose to us some Video Games instrumental music with your touch. When did you decide to launch this project and why ?

I started making video game metal covers back when I was in high school. It initially started off as a passion project where I would transcribe video game music out by ear as MIDI to analyze my favorite video game compositions. Once I realized I had all of this MIDI at my disposal, my friend and I had the idea to track some metal guitar riffs along to our MIDI and create the first video on my channel which was Mad Monster Mansion!

Many people follow this project , it’s about one hundred thousand people, Congrats!

Thank you! That big 100k feels amazing.

How do you see your community’s evolution years after years and at one point did your YouTube channel blow up ?

My community has always been amazing. However, I would say it went through a metamorphosis over the years.

In the early days, a larger portion of my followers were fellow musicians; and the conversation was more-commonly about what was going on musically with my content.
However, In the present day, I think my community has expanded to where it’s mainly about celebrating the love of video games, and the love of creative expression in all various art forms. (there are certainly still a lot of musicians in my community though)

As far as my channel blowing up, I don’t think there has ever been a significant « blow up » with my channel like I’ve seen on other channels. I feel more-so that I arrived to where I’m at through perseverance and consistent improvement of my content.

You resume a lot of games in a very Hard Rock way, metal, both retro and recent! How Do you choose the game you will resume when you do a video ?

That’s a great question; and the answer is always changing. What is consistent is that 50% of my covers are requests that are made by my supporters over on Patreon. It’s a great way for me to discover some new video game themes that I’ve never heard of and help diversify my content.

For the other 50% of themes that I choose. I would say it splits off into another 50/50 where I alternate between choosing themes that I grew up with and have always wanted to shred on guitar, and the other half is themes that I fell in love with more recently that I know will do well on my channel and translate really well into metal!

I could see, in addition to your YouTube channel that you offer lives on twitch! You present riffs and play video games. Are you often present or is it mainly to discuss with your community?

I enjoy streaming a lot on Twitch because of the real-time interaction. It helps me come out of my shell more as a person and it also helps me discover more ways to improve my content by directly interacting with my community. I also love performing live and that’s always been something that I’ve wanted to incorporate into what I do on the internet.

Speaking of your videos, I can see you every week you propose new contents for your viewers. Do you always manage to respect a Deadline that you impose on yourself or do you sometimes have difficulties on certain songs?

I never put too harsh of deadlines on myself. I aim to put out one video a week but the most important thing for me is to avoid burning out. So I will happily take a day or 2 off if I’m really feeling exhausted. For me, having fun is the top priority that overtakes everything else. and I think you can hear the fun that I am having or the lack of fun that I’m having in my music. I know that I will never be lazy because I am very passionate about what I do. So I don’t feel bad about taking time off when I need to.

Till today, you happened to collaborate with other YouTubers to make some sounds, for example FamilyJones or GaMetal. Have you ever met these people in real life ? How did you come to collaborate?

FamilyJules is my roommate so we certainly see each other a lot! He’s a wonderful dude both as a fellow content creator that I respect a lot as an artist but also as a friend. GaMetal is someone that I respect an absolute ton as a fellow guitar shredder and I’d love to hang out with him in real life! We had a blast working on our collaborations together. Hopefully we’ll hang out soon!

With the current health situation, everything goes through the internet, but before that, did you perform on stage ? and have you got a band ?

I’ve performed on stage a ton of times in my band Singularity! I even performed a set of video game covers with a full band as ToxicxEternity in 2018. Covid certainly messed a lot of that up for me but we will be getting right back into it once it’s safe to do so!

In the near future, and regarding your YouTube channel, have you got some project for the future? Would you like to see it (your Youtube Channel) evolve more and on a different scale?

Jules and I have a ton of plans together moving forward. We announced our debut tour together called The Video Game Shredventure which is a completely unique experience for a live show that we’re very excited about. We know this tour will go amazingly and we will be continuing to perform LIVE moving forward in more areas.

Finally, we will end this interview with this question. If you were a character from geek culture, who would you be and why?

I’ve always seen myself as the Pokemon Haunter. The way he acts in those Lavender Town episodes on the anime is hilarious; Always messing with people and scaring people. I never take things too seriously and enjoy messing with people a bit from time to time so alongside Haunter being totally bad*ss and cool, I relate to him on that level as well.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions Jack. Take care of yourself and continue to make us vibrate with your musical waves

Thank you for listening to my music and having me here for this interview! I want to say thank you to everyone reading this interview as well for taking interest in my music. I appreciate all of you! horns up!


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